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The electric vehicle (EV) market is soaring globally, with rapid advancements that promise to reshape transportation. According to the International Energy Agency, the global EV stock has exceeded 5 million units, a figure set to grow exponentially. This surge is supported by a slew of government initiatives across various regions, including purchase subsidies, tax breaks, and the rapid deployment of charging stations, all designed to make EVs more accessible and appealing.

Additionally, technological breakthroughs have significantly enhanced EVs' efficiency and appeal. Recent progress in battery technology not only boosts the driving range but also cuts down charging times, making EVs more practical for everyday use. Performance enhancements and reliability improvements further broaden their appeal to a diverse consumer base.

Automakers and technology firms around the world are doubling down on their investment in EVs, recognizing them as crucial to future growth and innovation. Some countries even consider their development and production as integral to their strategic economic plans. As technology continues to evolve and consumer interest grows, the adoption of electric vehicles is expected to accelerate, leading to robust economic growth in local markets and contributing significantly to global environmental sustainability efforts. This momentum is anticipated to continue, with EVs playing a central role in the transition to a greener economy.


Strengthening Collaboration with Global Partners


We aim to enhance collaboration and cooperation with our global partners, leveraging their resources and expertise, to explore broader markets and accelerate market penetration. Through strategic partnerships, we seek to expedite the entry of exceptional Chinese electric vehicle brands and products into the international market.

Expanding into a More Diverse Global Market


We are committed to fostering mutually beneficial partnerships with our collaborators, creating ample opportunities for both parties to thrive. Through our joint efforts, we also aim to promote sustainable economic development and actively contribute to the advancement of green transportation and environmental conservation initiatives.

Establishing Overseas Spare Parts Warehouses and After-Sales Service


China EV Group Co., Ltd. is joining forces with strategy partner to form a joint venture aimed at creating a comprehensive third-party service platform in Europe. This platform will integrate after-sales service centers, parts warehousing and distribution, and a responsive call center. It will cater to local users of Chinese electric vehicle brands, providing efficient after-sales support, quick access to spare parts, and prompt call center assistance. Moreover, the platform will offer power battery storage, trade financing, and recycling services for Chinese electric vehicle enterprises entering the European market. This initiative will effectively reduce battery waste generation, minimize environmental pollution, and promote sustainable development and green environmental practices.

Establishing Overseas KD Factories in Southeast Asia and the Middle East


We are planning to work with our business partners in establishing EV assembly factories in rapidly developing regions such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East. Leveraging our expertise, intellectual property, and pioneering advantage in the electric vehicle industry, we aim to gradually achieve localized production.


Establishing KD factories for electric vehicles in Southeast Asia and the Middle East will contribute to localized production, reducing transportation costs and lead times while enhancing the competitiveness of our products. Additionally, we will share our knowledge and experience in the electric vehicle domain with our partners, driving local industry upgrades, innovations, and fostering regional economic growth.


China EV Group Corp Ltd ('CEV') is a green-mobility driven company, registered in HK with its research & development & sales all over China. China EV Group is committed to EV product development, international certification, technical services and marketing in the field of electric vehicles, contributing to the advancement of sustainable energy and green transportation.

CEV is formed with the joint efforts by two green mobility-driven entities:


Skorpius Auto Limited is a UK-based professional electric vehicle retrofitting company, actively engaged in international certification, technical services, and export business of Chinese electric vehicles. It is a founding member of UK-China Automotive Association and a strategic alliance with the China Association of Automobile Industries , providing technical services and market support for the export of Chinese electric vehicles.


H. Sterling Group is a Singapore-registered multi-facet energy company, with years of experience in the energy infrastructure sector, earning a broad reputation and expertise through decades of international collaboration. Together with its global business partners, it is expanding its presence in the emerging markets worldwide in EV sector, with projects ranging from assembling electric buses to marketing the electric vehicles and providing one-stop solutions for charging stations, managing systems and after-sale service. H. Sterling Group has achieved successful track records in multiple electric vehicle projects in many countries.

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