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CEV has extensive experience in electric vehicle certification and technical conversions, including:

R&D and Technical Conversions Capability:

With years of experience in EV R&D sector, we possess a capability of doing technical conversions and modifications to the vehicles in compliance with international market requirements, as well as the supply chain of specialized components.

International Certification:

 Our capabilities extend to multinational certifications in major countries and regions worldwide.


China EV Group has a management team with over 30 years of business practices in more than 40 countries worldwide. The team possesses rich professional backgrounds and a track record of successful ventures in project development, EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction), financing, industrial manufacturing, and global trade. The wealth of experience within our management team ensures reliable support for business setup, professional communication, and project delivery.

By June 2023, we have successfully developed, converted, and certified multiple electric vehicles for overseas markets, receiving nearly ten thousand orders from various countries. We expect to complete the delivery of all vehicles before the end of 2023.


Factory Planning & Design:

A.Based on production requirements & process flow, we provide our partners with factory planning & design solutions to ensure an efficient layout of production lines & high production efficiency.

Equipment Procurement & Installation:

We assist our partners in procuring equipment according to product production requirements and provide professional guidance and technical support during the installation process.

Production Process Optimization:

By gaining in-depth understanding of the electric vehicle production process, we offer optimization suggestions to enhance production efficiency and quality control for our partners.

Quality Management System:

We assist our partners in establishing quality management systems that comply with international standards, ensuring product quality control and meeting requirements.

Training & Technical Support:

We provide essential training & technical support to help our partners develop skilled technical teams capable of mastering electric vehicle production processes & key technologies.


Offering a complete set of factory establishment solutions and technical support, we help our partners establish compliant electric vehicle production capacity, ensuring efficient operations and stable product quality. This will contribute to enhancing the country's capabilities in electric vehicle technology and manufacturing, improve local industrial abilities and create job opportunities, and drive the economic growth.


Possess independent Ip & multi brand export rights 
As a technology and market-driven company, China EV Group owns the independent intellectual properties which allow us to easily build up a business relationship with our global partners on dealership basis or manufacturing basis. Additionally, China EV Group holds multiple global export rights for a number of EV brands on exclusive or prioritizing basis.


Provide one-stop solutions for certification & marketing 

We prioritize product I&D and possess a team of professionals in the EV sector, diligently exploring and innovating in the electric vehicle domain. Through years of relentless efforts, we have developed a wealth of optimized solutions for Chinese EV companies in its product globalization. Our commitment lies in expanding and promoting in the global market by offering solutions including certifications, technical services, marketing strategies and etc., thus showcasing Chinese EV brands on the global stage. We actively participate in international exhibitions and industry collaborations, sharing technology and experiences with partners from various countries to drive the global EV market's development.


Provide diversified range of products and cooperative options

As a technology and service provider to multiple Chinese EV manufacturers, we have established close partnerships with these brands to ensure that we can provide to our clients with a diverse range of products, the latest models just unveiled on the market as well as choices of cooperative business models. We can meet our clients with the specific needs by offering multiple options including small urban electric cars, mid-to-high-end electric vehicles for home use, or urban electric buses and heavy-duty electric trucks.


Provide one-stop solutions for  EV charging

In addition to providing a wide range of EV products, we offer to our clients with one-stop solutions for EV charging and after-sale services as both are playing a key role in expansion of business with our clients. As such, we are committed to delivering complete charging solutions to our clients, no matter wether it's home charging, public charging or enterprise-level charging solutions.


Drive green mobility with our global business partners

As an active advocate for green energy that benefits the green world, we understand the crucial importance of communication between the buyers  and sellers and we would like to act as a bridge for collaboration by offering various partnership options, providing manufacturers with access to opportunities, and assisting the global dealers to acquire premium EV brands and high-quality products. We offer comprehensive services and support to our global business partners to grow their business in a win-win fashion.


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